Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm Back...Kind Of.

Hey, everyone!! It's been almost two weeks since I blogged last and so much has happened! I'm not working anymore and we are moved into our house. We just got the internet today and so I have tons to catch up on, obviously.

Forgive me if I continue to be a little MIA from blogging. I'm kinda in a funk lately and I think it's because I am so used to working full time and now I find myself sitting at home all day...kind of depressed. Don't get me wrong. I love having a house finally. I just thought I would enjoy my free time more than I actually do. I never realized before now how much I really do like to stay busy. Sitting at home depresses me. I'm thinking about looking for a job around here pretty soon. Right now I am staying busy with house things like unpacking and decorating. It's also hard not having any friends or family out here. I'm trying hard to stay positive and to not slip into depression.

So for now, I hope everyone is doing well and I will write more and post pictures of the progess on our house a little later.


Lourie said...

Girl you don't live far from me now, come on over!

PS I have something for you at my blog!

Alyssa said...

Cheer up precious :)

Enjoy the free time you have! Explore new places... choose new favourite coffee shops and florists, check out the library!

Hope it all gets easier x

Shelby Bukhenik said...

Moving away from everything you know is definitely tough, but its all for a better good!

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