Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Little Late, But...

Here's my weekend recap!

You know how Michael said we were going out of town on Friday? It was a surprise, alright! Poor Michael. He felt sick all day Friday because he knew he shouldn't have built it up like that and he was worried about how I would react. I knew it was a bad sign when we didn't even get on the freeway.

You see, his parents are out of town right now...and he thought it would be fun to spend the night at their house! Oh well. I got over the initial disappointment after a few minutes and now he knows better than to say something like, "I'm taking you and Jexi out of town for an early birthday surprise!" To be fair, he did warn me that it wasn't anything big like Vegas. *facepalm*.

Moving right along...after we unloaded our stuff, he told me he had made plans to have our friends Patrick and Ashley over for dinner (that he was making). They came over and we had delicious steak, corn on the cob (mmm!), orange soda, and some pasta salad that Ashley made. They had to leave after dinner but then Michael and I stayed up watching Star Trek. He bought it specifically for this night. I had to laugh at that. But I actually did like the movie. I had seen it once before in the movies but forgot that I liked it!

On Saturday, we I made do with laying out on the concrete in Michaels parents backyard. Jexi joined me for a little lounging until she couldn't take the heat anymore and Michael took her back inside.

We went to see Inception and even though it was complex, it wasn't so hard to follow if you payed attention. There were a couple of things that Michael cleared up for me afterward and it made for some good conversation! I definitely recommend seeing this movie. Quality films are so rare lately!

Check out this ring that Michael bought me for my birthday! He gave it to me a little early (my birthday is Wednesday) because I think he was trying to make up for us staying at his parents house instead of a resort in San Diego or Santa Barbara... but I love it! Thank you, honey!

The rest of our weekend was basically just doing whatever we could to stay out of the dreadful heat! I can't imagine how awful it must be in other places, because I was melting with just our Orange County weather!

I know this is random, but... I seriously am in love with eating fresh, warm, french bread and assortments of cheese (but mainly cheddar), and grapes. Ever since Sheri's wedding, I have been obsessed with eating it! It's just so refreshing and delicious! I also made guacomole the other night. Yum.

Oh and P.S- We just got Netflix for the first time and I started watching the DVD's of Grey's Anatomy. I had only seen a couple episodes before and now I'm loving it!


Brittany said...

AWWW! Its the thought that counts, and that ring is devine! :) lucky!

Happy EARLY birthday!

Stephanie said...

hahaha so cute. what a funny surprise! LOL that ring is gorgeous! and omg i LOVE greys! it only gets better and better!

Anonymous said...

Aww. I love the thought he put into it. The ring is beautiful.

Aimee said...

Aww but its the thought that counts right? That is too funny though... It still sounds like you had a fun weekend nonetheless.

Also that ring is gorgeous and should make up for it all. Beautiful!

Grey's is the best and Stephanie is right, it only gets better. Happy bday 1 day early

B said...

Haha oh no! This made me laugh. It's the thought that counts right? The ring is beautiful :) Oh and July birthdays are the best!

Annie said...

That ring is beautiful!! Love it! Happy early birthday :)

Lourie said...

Happy (early) birthday!! That ring is gorgeous.

I love Grey's! I can't wait til the new season starts!

this free bird said...

Happy Happy Birthday!! Just found your blog and wanted to say hi!

I live on the border of LA/OC counties so we're kinda neighbors!!

I'm hosting an ebelskiver giveaway today. It's a pan that makes yummy sweet or savory little danish filled pancakes. Please stop by and enter if you think you and the hubs might enjoy.xoxo-Carrie

Lisa said...

Hey, Shelley~
I love the story, and the ring, and even Inception, too. (Still makes me think.) Glad to connect to a fellow "sister" in California. Good luck with your new home. It's beautiful.

star said...

Happy birthday Shelley! Your new ring is beautiful! I loved Star Trek! Lots of hotties!

R said...

Oh what a beautiful ring!

Shelby Bukhenik said...

haha how sweet that he planned something. Men just don't get that you never talk the surprise up, because it will never live up to it haha!

I LOVE homemade gauc!

Vijay said...

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Candice said...

What a sweet gesture on his part. High fives to the hubs!

I've heard nothing but good things about Inception. I really want to see it now!

LuckyMama said...

Shelley, I was just reading this post, and Aubrey asked who it was in the bikini picture. I said that's Jexi and aunt Shelley, and she said, "oh, she's nakie."

I hope you guys had a fun 'get away' your hubby is just precious and sweet!

And congrats on the house by the way!

TheMoney said...

Just finished catching up on your blog and loved the post about our wedding (great photos!) and your random little thought about craving bread and cheese. That's how I feel! Also, congrats on the house! It looks great!

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