Sunday, June 13, 2010

Days Four and Five In San Fran!

I finally got around to finishing up the last of the posts from our San Francisco!

If yoy missed the first three days, here they are:

Now on to days four and five in San Francisco! On the fourth day, we planned to go to Alcatraz. Everyone told us we had to go do that while we were there and I am so glad we did!

This is a view of the bay from our tour boat on the way to Alcatraz.

The view of Alcatraz from our boat.

We liked the greenery in this picture. This was the beginning of our tour of Alcatraz. They used to use this stairway back in the day but now it's just pretty to look at :-).

These are the showers that the inmates had to use. It's not very private, huh? Sheesh. I would hate to drop my soap showering there!

Just one of the many jail cells. We did the audio tour and learned a lot about the things that went on there. We learned about different inmates and guards and we also heard stories about different escape attempts. Only a few had actually escaped, never to be found again.  The audio tour was really neat because they had some of the inmates and guards telling the stories.

This is the yard where the inmates went for their outdoor time.

Three levels of jail cells.

The visitation area. It was pretty depressing.

A view from Alcatraz. That's the Golden Gate Bridge (if you couldn't tell).

Just some buildings on Alcatraz. Did you know that the guards and their families actually lived on the island? The kids would take a boat to the island every morning to go to school. The families were free to leave on a private boat to go to the bay any time they wanted. They said they hardly ever saw any inmates while they were there and the rent was cheap. The view is obviously gorgeous. I could see the perks of living there...but what if one of the inmates escaped and found his way to your apartment? I don't know if I would like taking that risk!

When we got back from Alcatraz we finally saw these guys! We gave them a tip using our "Hobo cash for information" money.

And for your entertainment (and mine) I decided to post these videos too! We were still at Fisherman's Wharf when we saw a crown cheering and I pulled Michael over to see what was going on. This is what we found!

I'm so glad we didn't drive...

On day five, all we had time to do was go eat breakfast, pack up our stuff, go to the BART (there was no way we were going to take another taxi), and head to the San Francisco airport to go home. We had a little extra time though, so here we are eating our last meal in SF.

 I can't decide if this picture is yummy or disgusting. I'm sorry if you think it's gross! I probably should have taken a before picture instead of after I devoured it.


Shelby Bukhenik said...

I love San Fran!

Lourie said...

Am I just mean to say that more prisons should be like that of Alcatraz? As far as living on the island itself. Heck yeah. Any escaped prisoners would be getting as far way from there as possible. Sounds good to me. :P

krystal said...

What an interesting post! I'm glad you took a lot of pics, yea... not so sure if I'd want to live on the island either!

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