Thursday, April 22, 2010

Catching My Breath

Hey there! So...I'm really busy!! I'm training Jaime right now how to cover for me while I am on vacation. The wedding is tomorrow and we still need to pack for our trip and start packing for our move because we are moving literally the day after we get home from San Francisco!

Last June Michael and I went with some friends from his academy on a cruise and I never blogged about it! We had made a video type thing with music and everything and it was too big to upload onto youtube or here! I asked Michael to break them down into smaller videos so I can upload them and have them posted up on my blog automatically while we are away next week. I've been meaning to do it anyway so why not while I am not able to blog my regular stuff?? Hopefully it works and we have time to do that!

I hope you guys have a great weekend and I will catch up on your blogs when I get the chance!! It's going to be a crazy week or two coming up so please forgive me if I am a bad bloggy friend!! Love you guys!!



Jessica said...

thanks Shelley! I'm liking it so far, just waiting on my header :)

Lourie said...

Have a great trip and I hope the move is smooth for ya.

Brittany said...

Enjoy your trip! Have fun and be safe!

Anonymous said...

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