Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Roller Coaster Day

Yesterday was just a strange day...let me tell you what happend.

It started off actually really great because I got an email from our realtor that said he spoke with the listing agent, who speaks with the bank and she told our realtor that the bank said they are in the final stages of our approval for the house! Great news! We are happy to get any positive news of them moving forward...even if I get a bit frustrated sometimes with how long it is taking!

From about 9:30 am on my day was hectic trying to finish a tedious task that someone asked me to do at work. It took all. day. long. Jaime and I had to stay late to finish it.

Michael was at work last night so I came home alone to see a patrol  car and what looked like an undercover white cop car parked right by our apartment. I turned off the lights and peeked out the windows (so they couldn't see me spying- I'm sneaky like that...) and watched as the patrol car left, but a white van pulled up. People dressed in black (and one guy dressed in nice work clothes) went into the apartment across from where we live. They went back to their van and pulled out a gurney. They put on gloves. My heart dropped. I knew what was coming. They went into the apartment and about five minutes later came back out...with a body under the maroon colored cover. I don't do so well with death or dead bodies or anything to do with that. It was traumatic and Michael wasn't home.

I called a friends husband who we know works for the PD where we live...he hadn't heard anything and said that the County might have dealt with it.

Michael thinks they were druggies. It was awful. But besides seeing the body, the weirdest part for me was seeing all the visitors there all night and there wasn't a single person who looked sad or shocked or anything. Maybe I watch too many TV shows or movies but does that not sound strange to you guys??

I eventually stopped spying and caught up with 24 and DWTS. I like Kate Gosselin but she is seriously not good at dancing or even pretending to be having a good time. Stop with the eye rolling!

 Jake the Bachelor is pretty good and I can see he is putting his all into it.

And Pamela Anderson?? You seriously need to get over yourself. I was going to put a picture of her here but...I'd rather not have that kind of content on here, thank you very much!


TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

How creepy with that body, I think you are right about television making it more dramatic than it probably is. At least DWTS cheered you up a bit. I don't care for Kate, I hope she goes home soon!

Coo Coo Courtney said...

Thanks for stopping by to visit me! I'm coming back to visit you, what an awesome love story congrats on your happiness I'm glad to be following you and will be looking forward to your posts! Have a great Easter and come back and visit me anytime!

Amanda Wissmann said...

How sad and scary! I would not have been ok by myself! I'm a people watcher, so I totally would've been spying too.

Once some neighbors woke me up at 3am with their silly fight, but they were being so loud so I waited to see if they would calm down before calling the cops, then made sure they got them...ha! Im awful, I know..

I *LOVE* DWTS! This season is SO good!

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