Monday, November 9, 2009

Things to Come...

We have just recently jumped back into the whole house hunting frenzy! We talked to our agent last week and found some houses that we will most likely go look at within a couple weeks. We are using Michaels uncle as our financial/loan guy instead of the man our agent suggested again. Anyway, we are lucky that it looks like they will be extending the first time home buyers incentive until around April. That means if we get a house by then, we are looking at about 8,000 free buckaroos! So obviously we are going to try for that.
Whenever we look at houses that could possibly but not likely become ours, we can't help but get excited and make all these plans for the houses. What we can put in different places, what we can change, what we will do with the yard...the list goes on! Since we never planned on living in our apartment for very long, we didn't bother painting or doing much decorating. But since I have been itching to do some of that...we bought a small painting and a couple other things to put on the walls and such. I can't wait to
make a HOUSE our HOME.
to get our very own doggy!! It gets pretty lonely sometimes when I am home and Michael is working long hours. We want a dog for safety reasons as well. I have already decided to adopt one from a shelter. I have done a bunch of research and have also pretty much decided it will be a Lab/German Shephard mix. I would be okay with just getting a lab but Michael wants a dog that will bark, not play, with a stranger sneaking into the home. Haha. But a lab is gentle and will be a good family dog. The mix seems like a good compromise and there are a surprising amount of them to be adopted. It breaks my heart!
There are so many things to be excited/nervous/anxious about right now with my new job, hopefully Micheal starting his academy, our anniversary on Dec. 7th, the holiday season, the chance that we might be buying a house very soon, then a dog, and then probably a baby next. It's a lot of craziness, but we are more than ready!


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