Sunday, October 18, 2009

Great New Job

This is where I will be working from now on! I have some good friends who hooked me up with a great new job as a receptionist/file clerk in LA! I am so excited! This is really going to help jumpstart mine and Michaels plans to be homeowners!! Especially since his academy might be postponed- yet again! We are so very grateful for this new, exciting adventure I am about to embark on! Tuesday is my first day- luckily a close friend is going to be the one to show me the ropes! My new boss seems so laid back and super easy to work with and I have only heard good things about this place. It is in a nice area with fancy restaurants and little shops are located for all these business people. It feels like such a great opportunity and I can't wait to join the hustle and bustle life and be a corporate woman! Haha. Okay I think I may be overdoing the enthusiasm. I'm just excited to be really contributing to our family and it makes me feel empowered to have a great job!


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