Friday, March 20, 2009

March Madness

Shoot! I can not believe it has already been 3 months since my last post. I recently read a blog titled something along the lines of "I know, non picture posts are so boring!" *cough* wendy *cough* And I realized that I hardly ever put pictures on here. Mostly because the only way I can is through my camera phone. But here are some things we have been up to..with some pictures added for fun. :-)

The picture above is a bouquet of flowers that michael got me for valentines day. He had to work the day of so he got this for me a little early along with a season of 24 (we love 24!). It was our 2nd valentines day together married. Weird!

This picture was taken on the drive home from Arizona. My parents, my sister, and I went out to a memorial service for my grandpa who passed away a couple of months ago.

This picture is the only one I have on my phone of the production my family and I are in called Savior of the World. Please come! You will not regret it. You can purchase tickets at

Our friend Todd (who we know from Michaels academy) got free tickets to Disneyland and California Adventures and invited us to come. Michael had work so I brought my friend Kelli. We had a lot of fun on our favorite rides and I showed them the exact spot where Michael proposed to me.

I just wanted to post this ADORABLE picture of my niece, Aubrey. So cute! We love having her and her parents, Tiffany and Jarom, live so close now. We love you guys!

The story behind this picture is this: I was trying to save money on getting my hair touched up and bought the box hair dye. And then I asked my friend who has never done hair before, to do it for me. I thought it would be simple because it was about the same color as my highlights and it was all over color. I have done darker before on other people so I knew how to do the actual process. However, it turned out BAD. She had accidentally missed spots so I had dark spots on the sides of my head. AND my roots were orange. For the record, I was trying to save money and I don't blame Kelli. The next morning I made an emergency appointment with the lady who usually does my hair and she fixed it for me. Yay!

Now for the more serious things going on in our life! Sorry no pictures are included in this part but hopefully I lured you in and you keep reading!

We placed an offer on a short sale house in Corona a couple of weeks ago. They said we should hear back about it in about a month. That is actually really fast for a short sale but it is dated to go into foreclosure on May 8 and they don't want that so they are trying to rush it, which is good for us. However, we do know that three other people placed offers and we don't get to know how much they offered. It's a waiting game as well as a blind bid. It's kind of driving us crazy.

If our offer is not accepted, we are going to move out into a one bedroom apartment until we find the right home for us. In a way it kind of stinks to do that instead of getting a huge home of our own, but on the other hand I don't even know if this home is what I want. Michael loves it but I'm not sure what I want right now. We already have our chunk of money to go towards the down payment and closing costs and all that so we are ready financially to get a home. However, with the housing markey the way it is, we don't know how much longer it will take for us to move out. We can live in an apartment and not touch our savings, slowly save a little more, but look for the right home while living on our own.

We are still waiting to hear back if Michael is going to be in the next academy which starts in May.

We are trying not to stress about all of the "maybe's" hanging over us, but it's a lot to handle!

Anyways, that's what we have been up to. We love you all and hope everything is going well with you!


Michael and Shelley


Wendy and Neal said...

"*cough* wendy *cough* "...hmm, i wonder who said that?! for the record, i read ALL posts, pictures or not. i just get alot of crap from some more die hard bloggers when i don't post pics. cuz i'm lazy. haha. it was fun reading all about the updates! how did you like shooting? scared the crap out of me the first time. of course, neal started me on a HUGE gun...hopefully you got to start on a 22. or maybe i'm just a big wuss! also, we're all too familiar with the waiting game on short sales in corona. we did it too! only, we waited 5 whole months, and we were told every month we were right around the corner from knowing. not a fun game! keep us posted!

Dana said...

I love the pictures! Good luck on your housing situation. It will all work out...and I hope you stay in 3rd ward!

J + A said...

I didnt know you were going to be in the Savior of the World performance... that is at my parents ward building. Jared and I will be at the production on the 28th!!!

Unknown said...

Yay, finally an update... and WITH PICTURES!!! I am so glad you guys are doing well and I am sorry for all of the uncertainties of life you are going through right now. They always seem to come at the same time. Good luck with the house!

Heidi said...

It was so fun to read your new post AND to see the pictures. I don't even know how to post pics from my phone, so am duly impressed! Patrick said that your apartment is nice. I must be wonderful to have your own place and good for you guys for saving enough mula for a home. Everything will work out!

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