Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Finally an Update

Wow, I can't believe it has been 3 months or so since I have updated. Michael and I have still been working to save up to buy our own condo. We feel like we are getting closer. We have a Realtor who is very good at finding us good deals in very nice areas. We have already made offers on 4 different places and are just waiting to hear back. We offered pretty low on 3 of them so we are pretty sure those won't even be looked at. It's a very exciting and stressful time for us. Michael is still working nights at the jail but we are hoping he gets through the interview process to be a Deputy Sheriff. If he gets in, he will go to another academy. This time it will last for 6 months. It would be quite a load off our shoulders, financially, if he made it in. He is such a hard worker and I never forget how lucky I am to be married to him. He is so good to me and he works so hard to provide for us. I mean...how many people can say that they owned their own place this early on in life? We are very blessed to have the opportunity to stay with his parents until we are ready to take the next big step. I don't know how long it would have taken us otherwise.
On another note- Tyler is leaving in less than a month on his mission. We are all very sad he will be leaving but also so so proud of him! I had the opportunity to be there his first time in the temple. It was not long ago that it was me who was experiencing it all the first time. It was a wonderful experience to be there with my loving husband (who is worthy to take me there), brother-in-law, and his parents.
Tiffany(Michaels older sister), Jarom, and our adorable niece Aubrey are moving out here! Finally getting the heck out of Nebraska. What were they thinking? ;-). We are ecstatic to have them living nearby soon. No more long months of waiting to see when we get to see them again! I think Michaels mom is the most excited though. She talks to her students about Aubrey all the time and I'm sure she can't wait to take her for show-and-tell. First time grandmother- gotta love it. I wonder what it will be like to give her more grand babies... and be the first to make my parents grandparents! I can't wait. One step at a time though!
For Halloween we wore clown outfits my mom had made for her and my dad when I was a baby. There are baby and kid ones too. It was fun to be silly and wear them to our ward (and the neighboring ward- my parents ward) Halloween party. Which reminds me! Michael works with the young men and I was called a beehive adviser. It's kind of intimidating to teach young women. Way more intimidating than primary. But they are good, sweet girls and I enjoy teaching them.
I read the Twilight series a couple of times and loved it. Michael was nice enough to come with me to the midnight showing of Twilight. I actually got into it. Of course it was not as good as the book but I appreciated it for what it was. The first thing I thought of Jasper was Edwards Scissorhands but it worked fine. The chemistry between Bella and Edward was pretty intense. I did however leave feeling jipped. It seemed too short and I thought it could have been better. What can you expect from a movie based off of a book though? All in all, it was good and I want to see it again anyway.:-)
Michael and my one year anniversary is coming up quick. December 7th! We decided to get away for a couple of days and go to 6 Flags and stay at a hotel down there. I can't wait. We really need to go out and have some time alone, having fun and just being together- still newlyweds!! I'm thinking about posting what I wrote in my journal about our wedding as a tribute for our anniversary.
Thanksgiving is this week! I can't believe it. Christmas is just around the corner and its sunny outside. That's one thing I have a problem with. I can hardly get in the spirit of the holidays with it being so dang sunny outside. Bring on the rain! Bring on the cold! That's one thing I miss about living up north.
Okay I guess thats enough of an update. Wish us luck with the house hunting and with Michaels interviewing process!


Unknown said...

Great update Shelley! Happy Anniversary to you both and have a good time on your trip. Keep it coming. I so enjoy your writtings. Good luck Michael on the interview, etc.
Love you,
Grandma Turgeon
I do not know how to change my iD

Jeff and Kira said...

Ahh scary clowns! Haha you guys are such a cute couple!

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