Monday, October 21, 2013

Never Ever Ever

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Never Ever Ever...
  • Have I had worse service than this past Saturday night when we went to Wendy's. We were in a hurry and so we went there for dinner just to have to wait 45 minutes for our food. AT A FAST FOOD PLACE. And it was mostly all premade things. Michael said his chili was gross too. Employees were rude. Lobby was dirty. Not a single person we were there at the same time as was happy with it. All of us took turns complaining. Beyond annoying to have that happen and made us late.
  • Can I seem to get a non-blurry picture of Emily. She is all over the place! When we try to get pictures with always ends up like this..."Let me down!!"

  • Did I think I would still be able to sell Scentsy after over a year. I was so worried I wouldn't be able to keep up the sales but I've been blessed to have found something to sell that people actually want to buy :). It's totally better than candles.
  • Does Michael understand my capacity to watch TV/Movies for hours at a time. Same as I can't understand how he can play video games non stop. We joke about getting two tv's side by side, haha.
  • Do I see my family enough. I wish we lived closer to each other! That includes extended family. I have such a great family and it's not fair that we can't be a part of each others daily lives!
  • Can I not be a sensitive person. I've had a hard time lately with being disappointed in certain people and I am working on focusing more on the good friends who show they care.

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Anonymous said...

I'm really sensitive too... and it's hard. But I'm learning to look at it as a blessing!

Rhe Christine said...

I definitely gotten better control of my emotions as I've gotten older, but i wear my sensitive side like a badge of honor! internet high five lady!!!

I feel ya with the picture thing. we just put the shutter on multiple and press down while yelling at the kids. usually one in the two hundred pictures they are all looking at the same time and smiling! LOL!

btw, new follower. i love your little piece of the blogesphere!

Lin said... husband can play video games for hours and not understand how my butt can be glued to the couch in front of the TV for like 8 hrs. Um, my HGTV homemakover shows are WAY better than your games, duh!

Dude, you should never have to wait that long for crappy fast food. Really takes the convenience away when you have to wait that damn long. Lame.

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