Monday, September 9, 2013

Never Ever Ever #15

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Never Ever Ever...
  • Can I get enough fruits and veggies. I'm seriously sitting here eating cherry tomatoes with ranch right now. Yum! California has the best produce :).
  • Will I be able to go very long blogging consistently. I get burned out and I hate feeling like I have to blog just to have a certain number of posts per week. I'm going to blog when I want to blog and if that's just once a week then OH WELL. Life goes on.
  • Will blogging be like it used to be. I miss the old days where we all had just a few blogs we read because we liked the blogger, not because of giveaways or to get followers.
  • Can I not get excited when I get a package in the mail.
  • Do I get tired getting Scentsy in the mail. I just got all the new catalogs and scents and I'm so excited about sharing them! Let me know if you want a catalog or if you want to order! I mean, look at these adorable warmers!!

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Jamie Hart said...

Ahhh I love packages in the mail too! It's always so much fun! I want to get into Scentsy too!

Mary Elizabeth said...

I LOVE to eat fresh fruit and wish I ate more fresh vegetables, but I guess 1 is better than none.

I've just started blogging consistently about a month ago and have been surprised at how much work it is! It's really hard to have a full-time job, still have a social life, and blog. I think it's a good perspective to have knowing that life goes on if I don't get to blog every day. Life does go on :)

Best wishes!

Jenna said...

I'm the same way with blogging. :) I've been boycotting it for awhile now. And I might finally do a post again. :) Also, I was seriously JUST thinking I needed to ask you about Scentsy. I want a good FALL scent, that makes me feel all Autumny. Do you have any recommendations? You can text or email me. :)

Meg O. said...

CA seriously does have the best produce ever! So jealous! I think also blogging is the most rewarding when you do it on YOUR schedule, not what you think it should be. Your readers will be here no matter what!

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