Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Bachelorette: Season Finale

The season finale of The Bachelorette was certainly different! Desiree sent Drew home almost right off the bat. He was a complete gentleman about it. Then Des was trying to decide what to do about the last guy, Chris, who she had a connection with but her feelings for him were overshadowed by her feelings for Brooks. In the end she picks Chris after all and it was sweet but also left me wondering how she could just get engaged when she hadn't even been sure of her feelings a week before. I dunno, I'm not entirely sure they will last.

I think the best part was finding out Juan Pablo will be the next Bachelor!! I'll definitely be watching that season!! What about you??

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Shelli said...

I can't imagine how Chris cannot feel like he was the runner up. Seriously!


Can't wait for Juan Pablo's season! I agree, I don't know how Des could accept an engagement when a week ago she was head over heels about Brooks...?

Jamie Hart said...

I totally missed the whole thing this year.. I just couldn't get involved, even though my fiance was fine with it! We were too involved with waiting for Below Deck! I can't believe it's already over-- right?

Kenzie Smith said...

I missed the last few episodes of this seasons Bachelorette, Des was driving me nuts ha ha.
I am SO excited for next season with Juan Pablo!!

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