Monday, February 25, 2013

Ups and Downs of Our Week

Last week was such a roller coaster of emotions and so much happened that it is hard to even remember everything.

UP: The week started off good because we went to California Pizza Kitchen and then walked around the mall. I got a pair of jeans from American Eagle that I really needed and I love them! It was fun to get out of the house as a family. I took pictures because I hardly ever wear makeup these days!

DOWN: Then the week took a turn for the worse when on Wednesday Michael had a job interview that didn't go well and he didn't end up getting a promotion that we were really hoping for. That was a very hard pill to swallow and for a couple of days we were both super depressed, not knowing what to do next or what the future holds.

UP: Thank goodness my friend Kambree came to stay with me for a night and kept me company. She is one of those friends who is always there for you and gives the best hugs! Love that girl!

UP: On Friday things got better when we headed out to Orange County for one of my best friends baptisms. She had been going to our church since she was in high school and so this was a long time coming! A lot of my friends were there so it was all around a much needed night of getting spiritually fed and being around loved ones. We stayed at my parents house that night and then Saturday my dad and I took Emily on a nice walk around their neighborhood. Then later that evening, we hung out with his brothers and their wives who live in the area. We always have a good time with them! It was especially good for Michael to be with them since he had been working every night until then. We went to dinner and played games.

DOWN: That night we decided to stay an extra night so we could be around them longer but then all night long after about 3:00 am we were up and down with Emily the rest of the night. She would fall asleep on us and then wake up screaming bloody murder. It was a long night. It wasn't until the drive home the next morning (Sunday) when she was tugging on her ears that I realized it was probably an ear infection. We took her to Urgent Care and they confirmed she had a double ear infection, a small cold, and the rash she had developed all over her body was a viral rash that would clear up in a few days. No wonder she has been really fussy, has had a fever off and on, not sleeping well, low appetite, etc. I feel terrible we didn't know sooner! :(

UP: She is on antibiotics and Tylenol for pain. It seems to be working already, thank goodness!

UP: Michael and I were able to spend some time together last night and that was really nice. As fun as it is to hang out with friends and family, it's hard to not get any one on one time with Michael!

That was our week/weekend that had MANY ups and downs!!


Neely said...

Hope she feels better soon!!

Mellissa "Shia" Rondinelli said...

Wow what a week! Hope your lil one is feeling better ... double ear infection doesn't sound fun!

World According to Shia

Jenn said...

So glad things are going better, sounds like a great weekend with family and friends (besides Emily getting sick, but glad she is on the upside!)

Kelly said...

I hope she feels better soon!!

SEL said...

I'm glad Emily is feeling better. It's never easy when our babies are sick.

Sorry about the job promotion situation. Hopefully something better comes along quickly!

Kambree said...

Love you *HUG*

Sadly, soon I'll only be able to give virtual HUGS :(

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