Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmasy Activities and Other Exciting Things

Christmas Eve was spent at my in laws house. We ate dinner, opened and wore our traditional matching PJ's, and played games. It was so fun! 

On Christmas morning we opened the girls gifts at my in laws house. One of Emily's favorite things she got there was her very own couch that pulls out so she can lay on it too. She is always sitting in it now!

After we opened presents there, we got ready and went to my parents house next. More presents! ;)

My mom and Emily getting ready to start opening them.

A couple presents I got were this new hat from my sis and ruby earrings from my parents. 

Emily playing with a new toy.

Michael was sent on a "quest" around the house and yard and this was his reward. A humongous sword from my brother Brian! He was so excited! Boys...

After we finished with presents and the Christmas dinner (which was delicious), my parents were kind enough to babysit Emily so Michael, my sister, and I could go see Les Mis. It was really fun and an amazing movie! Go see it NOW.

My mom got some good pictures of my dad with Emily while they were babysitting. 
I love these photos!

In other news, the day after Christmas, my SIL Tiffany had her fourth baby girl, Brynn!! Aren't these girls adorable?! 

 In even MORE news, my cousin Jacob got married on the 29th and we got to be there. We are so excited for them!! I will blog more about that in a bit.

Happy New Year!!!


LWLH said...

Looks like a good Christmas!
Hope you have a great New Year girl!

Happy Heavin said...

LOVE grandparent pictures, and your mom DID get awesome shots!! I still need to see Le Miserables, but am loving all the good reviews about it! Glad you had a great Christmas!!

Meg O. said...

Looks like a great Christmas! I love Em's shoes and that hat on you!

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