Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cheap Textbook Rentals

I'm not in school anymore, but I remember how expensive textbooks are. Textbooks can add up to hundreds of dollars!! I was contacted by a textbook rental company at and asked to write about them.

Let me assure you, I only approve of reviews if I actually think it's beneficial to my readers.

So, I checked them out and here are the reasons why I recommend them:

  • Renting is always cheaper than buying (wish I thought of renting mine!)- For example, I could have rented this Anthropology book for $55.56 instead of the regular price which is about $180.00!!
  • Free shipping BOTH ways
  • 30 Day Risk Free Returns
  • Trusted Since 2007
  • Live Customer Support (None of those annoying automatic machines- score!)
  • Largest Selection in the Nation
  • Most Flexible Rental Periods
  • Okay to Highlight In The Books
  • Refer-A-Friend Benefits
  • They Buy Books! (Instant Quote and Free Shipping Label!)
  • If you decide to keep the book instead of renting it, you just pay the difference!
  • Registration is free, tons of giveaways, scholarships, prizes...(you don't even need to be a paying customer to win!)
Those are just some of the benefits of using this website that I got right from the main page! 

In addition to that, I love that they partnered with Operation Smile and are donating over 1,000 life saving cleft lip surgeries this year to children in need.

I hope this helps some of you save money on textbooks!!


Modern Camelot said...

I looked into this site when I went back to college this Fall, and found them to be very overpriced. I got every single book for much cheaper on Amazon, in one case $90 cheaper, and on Amazon I still got to keep them or resell! My personal experience, if you go to George Mason & need books, I definitely do not recommend this site.

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