Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Everything Emily: 11 Months

Size: Emily is still in size 3 diapers and 12 month clothing. I got so used to her growing quickly out of her clothes so now I am tired of the clothes she has been wearing for a while now, haha! Not rushing her growth, just ready to be excited about dressing her up again :). 

Sleep: Thank HEAVENS Emily is finally getting better at sleeping. We wait until she is clearly tired (usually between 6:30pm and 7:30pm) before we start her bedtime routine of bath, storytime, feeding, then put her down whether she is awake or asleep. Sometimes she cries for a little while but she does go to sleep on her own. She wakes up 1-2 times a night just to be held/fed and then wakes up for good between 5:30am-7am. Naps are a little less predictable. She usually takes one nap a day now and lately plays in her bed for a while before she whines a bit and falls asleep.

Eating: Emily is finally taking bottles/cups better now and it's just in time because breastfeeding is coming to an end soon. I still breastfeed about 2-3 times a day but I am not providing enough anymore. I'm a little sad about that (and I can tell she misses it sometimes too) but she will be a year old next month and so I almost made it to my goal. I think I can be pretty proud of myself. It wasn't easy all the time to breastfeed her but we always managed to get past the hurdles and continue onward. Now that she is getting a little more independent, as sad as that is, I am also excited for a little bit more freedom! 

Aside from breastfeeding/formula, Emily eats solids through the day and eats about 6 oz. of baby food at night for dinner.

Emily had her first taste of Jamba Juice and kept insisting on more and more. She would grab the straw out of my mouth so she could drink it.

Playtime: We have a very determined, strong, little girl. She loves to push the baby gate (even if we have boxes/chairs behind it to keep it in place) across the room and squeeze out of the opening she makes for herself. Emily likes to put her toys on different surfaces, pick it up, put it somewhere else, repeat. She also loves running water and playing with the blinds. It's getting hard to give her baths because she wants to stand up and play instead of sit! She loves dogs and is not afraid of them even when they bark loudly.

Em and her Daddy looking out the window.

Learning: Emily waves (sometimes with both hands) when we say "hi", "bye bye", and "night night". She even does it other times at us too. She learned how to drink a bottle (finally!) and hold it on her own. When we ask her, "Where's your ba-ba (bottle)? Get your ba-ba!" She looks around for it and crawls over to get it. One of our couches has a big space underneath and so it has become the black hole of water bottles and snacks. Her bottles sometimes roll under it and so it's really funny when she gets down and looks underneath it. Emily is really good at walking along things and leaning against them. Once in a while she will stand for a couple seconds on her own. She dances whenever she hears music. Whether she hears music on the tv, in the car, or even hymns at church, she bounces her body because she loves to dance! She has even done this DURING nursing. Hilarious!


Oh So Amelia said...

Emily is so adorable!
I can't wait for my daughter to be that age..but for now I will enjoy it while she can't run around ha ha ha!

Sheri Money said...

Love the Jamba Juice picture. It looks like she's thinking something like, "Don't even try to take this. It is mine!"

Cole said...

That Jamba Juice picture is priceless!

Emily is getting so big! :-)

LWLH said...

She's such a little beauty!

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