Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Everything Emily: 10 Months

 Size: Emily weighed 17 lbs 10z and was 28" long at her appointment this month. She is wearing 12 month clothing and size 3 diapers.

Sleep: We finally gave into letting her cry it out. I had been having to brush my teeth, wash my face, and basically get all ready for bed at about 7 or 8 every night because once she fell asleep on me I would just hold her all night. Not bathroom trips, no food...it sucked. Plus sometimes it was so hard to get her to sleep and she would push against me with her legs and arms and cry even if I was holding her. ANYWAY. It just wasn't working anymore. So...we kept her bedtime routine from start to finish within a half hour (as my SIL does with Ellie) which includes bath, storytime, and nursing. Then I put Emily down awake and let her cry. I am proud to say she has been so great at it! I am shocked, actually! I tried a couple times before to let her cry but always gave up after 20-30 minutes. As of now, she is falling asleep within 15 minutes and stays in her bed. She wakes up every 4-5 hours so I nurse her and then put her right back down and she has been going back to sleep pretty quickly. IT IS WONDERDUL!! I have so much more freedom and all of us are getting better quality sleep without her in the bed with us and tossing every couple hours with her. Even if I have to get up out of bed with her and stay awake long enough to nurse her and put her back down. IT IS WORTH IT!! We are all much happier these days.

Long story short? She goes to sleep between 7 and 8 then sleeps until between 6 and 7:30. I think she might be transitioning to one nap a day. Maybe because of the night time change?

Eating: Still breastfeeding every 3-4 hours (unless I am nursing just for the heck of it or to get her to sleep). We feed her finger foods randomly throughout the day. Puffs, wagon wheels, cheese puff things that are all Gerber for babies. At night before bathtime we feed her a step 2 or 3 puree meal. She loves carrots and fruits!

Playtime: This is much the same as last month. She also laughs when you pull her away from something playfully and she goes back for it, you pull her away, she giggles, she goes back for it...etc. :) She loves carrying this teether around in her mouth and laughs when she (or we) put it in our mouths. She grabs it from your mouth, puts it in hers, puts it back in yours...silly games!

This month she got to play with ALL of her cousins! (Aubrey, Mikayla, Skylar, and Ellie!) We had a huge photoshoot with a friend of mine and those pictures will be posted eventually!
She also got to meet my friend Jackie's son Johnny for the first time! It was so cute. They were sharing toys and he kept hugging her from behind. :)

She also played with Sheri and Jackie!

Learning: This month Emily learned how to dance! It is the cutest thing ever. She also learned to give kisses on command, which is so sweet. She recently figured out how to make a fishy face and wave. She is kind of learning how to drink from a straw. Hopefully she gets that down before I need to wean her completely!


Jocelyn said...

Great update! I'm glad to hear the sleep schedule is going so well. :) That video of Emily dancing is so cute!

Amanda said...

Big girl!! :) She is such a cutie pie. So glad the sleep thing is working out!!!!

Sheri Money said...

It was so fun to come visit! Love your house and Emily is even more adorable in person!! Johnny sure seemed to think so too!

Venassa said...

Aww what a cute video. Baby dancing is my favorite. Chloe has started it a little, and does the fish face sometimes too.
Glad you guys are getting into a bedtime routine that works for everyone. It must've been hard on you before.

Mrs. T said...

I love your post, I love the video, and I LOVE Emily!

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