Friday, July 22, 2011

My Week So Far and My Birthday!

Thank you for all the sweet comments about the maternity shoot! We love how they turned out and we can't wait to see more!

This has been a really fun week. On Monday Michael and I went out to lunch and then to the chiropractor. He made TWENTY adjustments! I guess I needed it pretty badly. Then we went out to OC to look at carseats with my mom at Babies R US.

I had to take this picture! The close parking came in handy since we had to try out some carseats in our car.

On Tuesday, as  you saw, we had our maternity shoot! I had won a free shoot with Heather and she let her sister Wendy, who also does photography, tag along and take some too. Basically we got two awesome photographers to take our photos! They also happen to be good friends of ours ;-)

On Wednesday we spent the majority of the day relaxing around the house and then we got dressed up to go to a late dinner for my birthday at The Cheesecake Factory! Here are some pictures of what we wore...

Let me tell ya...walking in these heels is difficult enough when I am not pregnant. You should have seen me waddling around with my belly and heels. Hey! I wanted to look good, okay?! I probably ended up making myself look even worse, especially when I realized how slippery the restaurant floors were. Oh well! My MIL bought me that dress and I've had the heels since high school.

Hubba, hubba!

You see the necklace I'm wearing? That is my birthday gift from Michael! He bought me a saphire and diamond necklace! I LOVE it. Saphire is the baby girls gemstone! :-)

I love to get the BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad...and pick off the onion rings. I told Michael I would dive into it if I could. Or just stick my face in and go to town. Sometimes food is THAT good!

Michael got the lemon chicken with vegetables and mashes potatoes. 

We got a slice of cheesecake to go and enjoyed it at home as we watched The Social Network. Neither of us had scene it before and it was pretty interesting!

Yesterday I had another chiro appointment, grocery shopping, and then we bought a couch for our front room finally! It looks so much more put together now. I will have to post a picture as soon as we get it cleaned up a bit. We found it on Craigslist for fifty bucks. Steal!


tara said...

i love your heels! i have a few pairs that i've kept since high school because i love them so much! glad you had a happy birthday!

Unknown said...

glad you are doing well! that salad looks awesome lol!

shel xx

Jillian said...

HOLY cow that salad is enormous!!

Fash Boulevard said...

i love your heels. thanks for another lovely post. I hope you had an amazing weekend. Would love if you'd check out my latest post featuring pictures from my favorite little treat shop in Beverly Hills. Thanks love. xoxo

Follow on twitter for all the latest celebrity fashion news from an LA stylist.!/fashboulevard

Stephanie said...

Sounds like so much fun! :) My hubby and I also LOVE the Cheesecake Factory. We usually go for our anniversary of Valentines Day. :) I'm still loving that materninty photo... you look so good.

Amy Rex said...

What a sweet gift idea! Good job Michael!!!

Candice said...

It's a shame the food portions are so small at Cheesecake Factory. ;)

Jess Cole said...

Love the photos from your shoot! and that black dress looks amazing on you!

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