Thursday, May 19, 2011


I haven't been in a blogging mood lately, much like a bunch of other bloggers right now but when I came across this linkup with From Mrs. to Mama I thought it could be fun.
Things that have made me go, "SERIOUSLY?!" lately.

1. Seriously....I feel so lucky that people have been so generous lately with helping me get maternity clothes and baby things. They aren't cheap!

2. Seriously....I love Pure Chocolates from The Coffee Bean. I think I mention that in almost every blog post now. But SERIOUSLY!

3. Seriously....When Blogger went all crazy the other day and I couldn't get on to read any blogs and a bunch of my comments were really bummed me out and it felt really weird to not be able to do that! My day was incomplete!

4. Seriously.... we saw someone the other day in our Albertsons parking lot drive away and hit the parked car next to them. They stopped when they realized what they did but apparently they were in such a hurry to get away because they had just stolen from the store. Seriously?!

5. my belly gets bigger I feel like my head is looking smaller. It's weirding me out a little!

6. Seriously.....I can't believe I only have about 18 weeks left until my due date. 

7. Seriously....sometimes friends suck. That's all I'm going to say about that.

8. Seriously....I need to start working out more. It's not cool to get winded going up stairs or cleaning!

9. Seriously....I'm having too much fun with this list!

10. Seriously.... I should stop at number 10 because that's nice and orderly. But as my number ten...I just finished watching my Friends DVDs all the way through again and every time it ends I get depressed. They need to do a reunion show or movie!


Neely said...

The blogger thing really pissed me off!

Venassa said...

There does need to be a reunion show or movie! I can't believe I've got about 18 weeks left too. Who knew the first part of pregnancy would fly by?

Jenna said...

That was fun to read! And I love Friends too.

Mrs. Mama said...

1. It is amazing when people come together like that.
4. WOW. just wow.
5. hahaha this cracks me up
6. time is flying!

so glad you played along! loved reading your list! :)

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

LOL, seriously...

Just don't read my blog today. You will be thankful that you are having an easy pregnancy.

I posted about my son's birthday.

Maternity clothes suck!

Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

Ian and I just ended friends and I cried in the last scene as they were walking out of the apartment... so sad : (

Sandra said...

I seriously like this "seriously" theme! Had to laugh at you thinking your head is looking smaller as your belly grows. I don't think your head is shrinking, I just think your brain is being sucked out by the baby...well, it happened to me anyway. I'm lucky to even be able to string these sentences together!

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