Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Memorial Day

Yesterday morning Michael and I went over to my parents house and then we went to see Soul Surfer with them and my sister. It was such a sweet, inspirational movie! I don't know if it was my hormones or not, but I was choking back tears for a good portion of the movie. But I like movies that make me cry ;-).

I remember reading about this in a magazine when I was in high school and it truly is amazing what this girl has done with the hand she was dealt. Go watch it!!

After the movie, Michael and I went to his parents house for a BBQ. It's always a good time when there is delicious food and good company around. After we finished eating, we sat down to watch a Memorial Day-ish movie (Saints and Soldiers) that I had seen before but it's a good thing to be reminded on these holidays WHY it is a holiday. I'm grateful to those who have served our country and who have made sacrifices so that we we can enjoy our freedom.


Fash Boulevard said...

Thanks love. I hope you had an amazing long weekend. xoxo


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