Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Night In San Diego

On Friday afternoon Michael and I drove to San Diego (it's no more than about two hours away) to spend a night in a hotel that his mom booked and couldn't get her money back on. Since it would have gone to waste, she offered it to us and we were more than happy to take her up on her offer! We stayed at The Sofia and it was beautiful! They let us bring Jexi after we payed $25.00 for the night for her. They had VIP Pet doggy cookies set out for her :-). Here are some photos of the room we stayed in.

Michael thought it was weird that I took a picture of the toilet. I actually just wanted to remember this shower. I thought it was really nice!

I loved this sink!

Pretty nice, huh?!

We were excited to have a night away to do something different. The weather in San Diego was mostly rainy and windy but we managed! The sad thing about the area we were in was there were pretty much no grassy areas for Jexi to do her bid'ness. We wandered around for quite a while looking for any sort of grassy patch for her. We even tried making her go on a pebble area but with her not being used to peeing on rocks and with the rain pouring down, she just wouldn't go. If you have a dog, you probably understand this. So we kept looking.

This is to show just how soaked we were. Poor Jexi. This picture makes me laugh though!

We eventually gave up because our clothes were soaked through and Jexi probably wouldn't go in that rain even if she needed to go. Did I forget to mention we forgot an umbrella?...yeah.

So...we went back to our room and tried to blow dry our clothes before heading back out to find somewhere to eat dinner. We each only brought one pair of pants. Ha! We did the best we could. It worked out pretty well though!

When we left to walk around and find a place to eat, it wasn't raining anymore- thankfully! We hadn't even thought about the fact that it was a Friday night and a lot of the restaurants were booked. We found one though that squeezed us in! We were in the back, next to a wall with chipped paint but we didn't care! It was a local Italian restaurant and despite the paint, it was actually pretty dang nice. I felt a little underdressed, in fact. The service was great and the food was delicious!

Michael got a steak that was a chef specialty and they made it sound really good when they described it. When I tried a bite, I thought the veggies were better than the steak and would have appreciated it more with some A1 sauce but that's not the kind of place to ask for such a thing :-). I got the lasagne and that was perfect for me!

After dinner we wandered around the streets for a while. It was windy but it felt good to be outside for a walk. We went to the mall and then randomly saw these green doors across the street.

When we got back to the room, we took Jexi out again and finally found a place for her to go.

The next morning we checked out by 11:00 am, drove around to see the ocean (I insisted!), and headed home.

It was a great night in San Diego! Thank you, Diana, for letting us use it!!


MissMuffet49 said...

hahahaha I love the picture of Jexi and Michael. Michael's steak looks ginormous!

tara said...

I love San Diego! We almost stayed at The Sofia when we went. Looks like an awesome hotel! Glad you got to bring your baby with you! :)

Neely said...

Hotel room looks amazeballs!

Amanda said...

What a fun trip!!! Lucky yall for falling into that opportunity. :)

Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

this looks so fun! what a cute little spontaneous trip you two got to go on!

Annie said...

What a fun little get away trip!! minus the no grass :(

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