Saturday, May 8, 2010

Jason and Jocelyn Wedding

We all met up at the Newport Beach temple and sat in the waiting room until it was time to get down to bid-ness. It was fun seeing everyone there and it was the first time I got to see my friend Alyse since she got back from a year in a half in Brazil! She was serving a mission for our church and I missed her! And now her sister married my brother in law! Never saw that one coming when we were in high school! :-)

Anyway, the ceremony was BEA-UT-I-FUL! They both looked so so so happy and YOUNG! I turned to Michael and asked him if we looked that young too when we got married and he said we probably did. I couldn't believe how young they looked! But she looked gorgeous all dolled up in her wedding dress. Wendy did her hair and makeup and it looked stunning! Joc isn't usually the type to bother with hair or makeup so it was fun to see her all beautified! (She is always beautiful- but this time it was like...WOW! You know what I mean!)

There were a bunch of bridemaids and Michael was the best man. They all looked so handsome in their suits. Especially my man! :-) I was one proud wife! It was so fun to see them...married! They dated a little in high school but things didn't work out. Then when he was 19, he went on a mission and she decided she wanted him back! They wrote each other the rest of his mission and she waited for him to get home and the rest is history! We couldn't believe they lasted such a long engagement but they wanted to wait for Alyse to get home. That was nice of them!

We all were outside taking pictures for a while. The weather was perfect! We were a little worried earlier in the week because it was cloudy/rainy off and on. But the sun pulled through and most of us even got a little sunburned!

Next up: Jason and Jocelyn Luncheon
After that: Jason and Jocelyn Reception


Kayla said...

Gorgeous. I love the yellow very bright and springy.

Erin said...

Love the yellow bridesmaid dresses! My sister wore yellow as my maid of honor - so summery!

Stopping by to welcome you to SITS!

Lourie said...

I have to say this: You ARE young! Hahaha. But I get what you are saying just the same. I love the picture of the baby. So sweet.

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