Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yes Or No?..Simple, right?!

Has it been 60 days yet? I feel like it has been months since they told us we would be notified in 60 days with the final approval on our house. Or...notified within 60 days if we won't be getting the house. Either way it's 60 days. At first I thought, "Hey, that's not so bad for a short sale! Usually it takes so much longer to hear anything!"

I'm whistling a different tune now, ladies. I am just about to stomp right into that bank and demand an answer. How hard can it be? Yes or no? YES or NO?!


Apparently one of the sellers forgot an initial on one of the million signatures in the papers so they had to send it back to be signed and then back again to the bank for the final approval. Really? REALLY?! You can't sign a stinkin' paper correctly??


Have I mentioned my headaches and chest pains? Yeah. They're still hangin around. I know I need to chill out and just ride the wave. But. I. Can't. It's so hard not knowing what our future is. If timing is on our side we could be getting the house right in time for the tax credit for first time home buyers. That's like...a TON of money we would not normally have.

Please. Oh, please, bank! Pleeeeease sign those approval papers ASAP. I'm dying here.

When I pray for this, I try to pray with an open mind. Like, "Please let us get this house (if it's meant to be our house) and please let it go faster (if it's supposed to). And if we aren't going to get the house, please help us figure out what else to do."

Can you tell I am losing it over here?!

We are running out of room in our apartment. When we first moved in we didn't know how we would fill it. Now we have no more room anywhere it seems!

Please...please...please...let us get this house soon!!
(Or just let us know either way!)

If not for us...for our future doggy who is lonely sitting in a cage in a shelter somewhere...


Jenna said...

I hope you hear soon. sorry that the wait is so agonizing! I'm not a patient person and waiting is hard!!! I understand!

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