Friday, December 11, 2009

A Planner Without A Plan

I'm a planner. That's who I am. I make grocery lists, to do lists, chore lists, packing lists...but when it comes to important planning I just can't do it! Someone mentioned yesterday that life is what happens when you are making a plan. It's so true. I keep making different plans because our life keeps taking different routes. But it totally goes against my nature to not be able to know when and in what order we will be doing things. Michael was supposed to start the academy last August. It got postponed to November. Now they are saying maybe March. Then there is the whole house hunting thing. We have made at least 4 or 5 offers since we started looking. It's the best time to buy right now but we are not able to! We try and try and try and nothing ever happens. I'm itching to go on another vacation in a few months but with so many uncertainties about our plans I can't even plan a trip for us to get away from it all! Life is great and we are very blessed. I do not overlook that and I always try to be careful to not get carried away with the "I wants". We really are grateful for the life we live and the loved ones we have to cherish it with. I just keep coming back to the same thing: What's going to happen? Will he start the academy in March? Will we get a house before April? Does that mean we will not be able to take any kind of vacation with the schedule we would then have? What about a baby? When will we feel ready for that? Man oh man. Sorry about the rant but it is my blog!


J + A said...

I totally understand that. I am a big planner as well and it drives Jared nuts some times. We too, are trying to plan getting a house, school and a baby... things are just crazy!

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