Sunday, July 26, 2009

Aye aye aye!

Two steps forward one step back. That's about how things have been for us lately. Right now we are trying to sell Michaels truck for about how much we owe on it still (which is about $4500) so that we can buy a more gas efficient, family friendly used car. Let me tell ya- it is HARD to sell a truck these days. So while we are trying to do that, we are also trying to save up some more money for a descent down payment on a home. We had the money and then when we moved out...we didn't realize how much it costs to simply live in an apartment. The furniture and cleaning supplies alone hurt us. We love having our own place but it's so hard to save money! We get a little ahead and then something always comes up like rent or some car payment or dental bill or something. Is it always like that? How does anyone catch a break? It's frustratingly slow to save up money. We also started looking at houses that cost more just because the houses that we have been looking at are all either pending sale or in the ghetto. I would like to live in a neighborhood that I would feel safe taking a walk, riding a bike, and raising a family in. Plus Michael works nights so I don't want to be scared to death whenever I am alone. But having a more expensive house means...well, higher monthly payments..which means some more struggling. It's worth it to us to have to work in order to live in a better area. That means I will continue working until Michael gets paid enough to be able to carry the load on his own. I think you can guess what that means. Am I thinking too hard about this? I mean, I am only 22. I have plenty of time to buy a home and start a family. So why the rush? Why do I constantly worry about not having this or that? Or how long it will take us to get there? Ugh!

Sorry for venting. I have all of this on my mind a lot of the time and it tires me out. I do my best to not sweat the small stuff and I do enjoy life as it is. I just worry about the future too. My dad says to just have a little faith that things will work out in their own due time. What can I say? I'm working on it.


Unknown said...

It seems that is how life usually works. And, it seems that it usually works out too! Your dad's advice is good because let's be honest, sometimes that's all we can do! :)

Julie said...

SO true! Its hard to get ahead!! Good luck selling the truck! Sadly I've been hearing adults say that for years and years...I dont think it magically gets better one day. Oh well!

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