Monday, August 12, 2013

Cute Kid+Hubby+Date=Happy Me

This weekend was fun! Michael worked on Friday night but on Saturday, Emily and I hung out in her room for a bit...she loves her new mirror. 

When Michael woke up we played in the kiddy pool and sprinklers with Emily, got ready, and we went to the mall. I got to go shopping with a giftcard my MIL gave me (a sweater, because I'm already ready for Fall) and then we went out to dinner with the money she gave me for my birthday! 

After dinner we put Emily to bed and watched the movie Oblivion. It was alright-good but kind of long. All in a really fun day that only cost us like $5.00 :).

On Sunday we went to church....

..lounged around (Emily on her new beanbag chair), did some cleaning, and went on a walk.

It was a good weekend :)


megs7827 said...

Sounds like a good weekend!

Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos said...

Oh my goodness, Emily is such a cutie! Love the pic of her on the way to church. :)

I really want to see Oblivion! Not a fan of Tom Cruise, but his movies are always so good!

Glad you had a nice weekend!

jackie jade said...

sounds like a fun relaxing weekend. and giftcards are the best thing ever :)
-- jackie @ jade and Oak

Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley said...

your daughter is adorable!! Love the pigtails!

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