Monday, April 23, 2012

Tax Day Fun (Or, er, FAIL)

Don't let this picture fool you. This was a bad day! Or, rather, a day that is forever a #fail. My friend Heather and I planned to take Emily and her two little boys around to a bunch of different fast food places on Tax Day because they do really good deals for fun. This is what happened.

  1. My internet decided not to work so I couldn't get the coupons.
  2. Her printer wasn't working so she couldn't print her coupons.
  3. Emily screamed the whole way there and most of the way back. She was sitting in between Heather's poor kids. Emily really does need her naps!
  4. We got lost and went about 45 minutes in the wrong direction.
  5. We gave up and drove back, just in time for Emily to finally fall asleep.
  6. By the time I got Emily home, I was sweating and stressed to the max.
  7. Emily still refused a nap.
  8. Emily had a major blowout and when Michael picked her up it got all over him. I laughed so hard because, what else can you do? I took a picture, but I will spare you.
  9. She fussed all during a church activity I went to that night.
  10. She finally fell asleep on the drive home.
It was a loooong day!! Having Emily is the best thing that has ever happened to Michael and me but some days just turn out to be majorly stressful!


Jessica said...

We have days like that....

It always makes me thankful for the good ones. And thankful for bedtime.

I'm glad despite it all you were able to keep your humor. Hubby and I almost always die laughing when we have poop blowouts etc. What else can you do?

Jessica said...

Sounds like a hard day, but it's a great pic of you and Emily nonetheless!

LWLH said...

Bless your heart, sounds like a stressful day.

LOVE MELISSA:) said...

Sounds like a hard day! I hope today is much better for you! I love the picture of you and Emily. SHe is getting so big!

Neely said...

Im sorry friend but that baby sure is cute!!

Anonymous said...

Some days are just really poopy, huh? Blow outs are the worst.

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