Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend Recap and Jexi Cuddles

On Thursday a friend of mine from high school was in town so I got to show her our house for the first time and then we went out to dinner to catch up. We talked about our dogs like they were our children :-). I also found out she reads my blog! Haha! I love finding out that people read my blog when I had no idea they even knew about it! Sometimes it's a little weird though because I will be telling someone something and then they go, "oh yeah I remember reading that on your blog"...oh. But it's good! At least people seem to care enough about my life to actually want to read about it! That makes me feel special. :-)

One request: Leave me a comment sometime if you never have before so I can know who reads!! I'm just curious!

On Friday night I got to meet up with my friend Kristen and her 9 month old son, Sammy! They moved to Santa Barbara but she was visiting her family in OC so we took that opportunity to get together for dinner! Little did I know that she planned on treating me! So sweet! She also gave me a baby shower gift early just in case she can't make it down again in August. I looooved it! It was a pink and purple beach bucket and shovel and then inside of that she put a set of three adorable onesies with matching pants, her mom made a little hair clip that matches too, and the baby's first book!! Woo hoo! Thanks again for the great gift and dinner, Kristen!

Later on I went by my parents house to visit for a bit. My mom has been pulling out a ton of my old baby outfits and giving them to me (if they are still wearable) and it's so exciting to me that my daughter will be able to wear some things that I wore when I was her size! It's so crazy but so fun!

Saturday and Sunday were both pretty uneventful. Michael has been working a lot of overtime lately (good money-wise, not good time-with-me-wise) so I got to see him a little bit on Sunday but not much else the rest of the weekend. LAME.

Luckily I have Jexi to keep me company! She's been super duper EXTRA cuddly lately and I'm getting the feeling that she knows something is coming right around the corner that will change things forever. I don't plan on ignoring her after the baby comes, but I'm sure it will be hard to give her all the attention she would like. She's soaking it all up while she can! Here are a few Jexi pictures for fun. I haven't put a picture of her on here in a while!

I love this little cuddle bug!! She's my little buddy!


Neely said...

Well you know I read cause I always comment! I love finding out people from hs read my blog too. I always crack up!

Heather said...

Awww, what a sweet furbaby!

Amanda said...

Sounds like yall had a wonderful weekend!! And Jex is so cute. :)

Ruth J said...

I read your blog, and I love it! :-)


Nicole J @ Knocked Up said...

I saw your tweet this morning about how Jexi didn't get the love that she deserved so I'm popping on to show some love! <3 Jexi because she's super duper cute! :)

tara said...

such a sweet little pup! :)

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