Wednesday, February 3, 2010

One Step Forward?

We feel like we are getting closer to getting a home. There's a house we might be getting soon. The bank and the listing agent have told our real estate agent that they only want to work with us. That's huge! But I am trying not to get my hopes up just yet because they can always turn around and accept somebody else's offer. This house would be so perfect for us! We love the neighborhood and the house. It's also close to a park in the gated community. Also, one of the best things about it, is that they actually asked us to lower our offer by $15,000! Apparently, they want to work with us but they recommended lowering our offer because the appraiser might see that the house is not actually worth that much (we offered high so we'd have a better chance of getting it) and then the bank wouldn't want to loan us that amount. Or something like that. But yeah, if we get it, it would be a sweet deal. Ugh. I hate not knowing! They said if they go with us, they might be closing in as soon as about 3 weeks. Eek! Pray for us!

A fun little tidbit about my first experience with this house is that when we were there looking at it, even though I loved it, by that time I was just DONE with looking at houses and I had my mind set on getting a condo instead and just giving up on a house. So, I looked a little bit at the house, but settled on going out to the back yard and playing with their pet chihuahua. I totally bonded with it. And so when our agent was talking to the listing agent about the house, he joked around saying we wanted them to throw the dog in with the deal. We get the house and the dog! Haha. I wish.

BREAKING NEWS!!! Take a look.  This is to our realtor from the listing agent after we resubmitted our offer.
"Thank you ****. I did receive it. I will keep you posted with the bank response. I do have a lot experience doing short sale and REO, we will close soon, and have a smooth transaction.

And this is what our realtor said to us in response...

"Michael and Shelley,
I certainly like the tone of this email."

What do you think?!


Unknown said...

YAY!!! Good luck!!!

Jen @ said...

Good luck on getting your house. It sounds like it might happen soon - yay!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I really appreciated it!


Anonymous said...

That is so exciting!! I hope that everything works out and get the house!! :) Thank you, btw, for the such sweet comments on my blog. It means alot to me. :)

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